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A Typical Day in Life of Virtual Assistant

typical day in life of virtual assistant

A Typical Day in Life of Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant demands a lot of hard work and planning, without a doubt.

They make sure to deliver you the best in shortest TAT, de-burden you from time-consuming tasks, stays online for communication anytime, do regular chores of life, make time for their friends & family and all this without losing the chill.

If you, as a professional and entrepreneur, have wondered how these super humans have been doing that all in a day, we’ve done the homework for you.

The following section will show you everything that a virtual assistant does within a day.

Work Responsibilities

Well, a day in the life of virtual assistant includes phone communication, reading and answering emails, doing regular research, and social media postings. There may also be clerical work such as data entry and bookkeeping jobs for a virtual assistant to complete.

Not only it is vital to deliver the tasks on time but also adhere to the quality expectations. The virtual assistants are experienced and skilled personnel who makes sure every job is completed with ultimate precision.

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Learnings & Earnings

With a range of tasks in the plate of virtual assistants, it certainly helps them learn paperwork, presentation editing, Internet research, claim verification, verbal and written communication skills, etc., to enhance your knowledge and expertise.

Apart from regular learnings, a virtual assistant can earn between $7 to $40 every hour. However, the price will be determined only based on experience and skills.

Social Enlightenment

Virtual assistant jobs can be daunting in terms of social life, if not appropriately managed. It can eat-up your personal space and family time in bits & pieces.

But with professionals, they know their job well. Those who take up the responsibility of making your life easy, won’t put their personal life to back seat. Virtual assistants extend their working hours clearly, before commencing on the services. For clients who need assistance all time, the tasks are assigned to another person.

In short, virtual personal assistants are well-known for their commitment, but they also pay keen attention to their rejuvenation and social enlightenment.

A short demonstration of a VA’s life. – Begin with routine. Do the tasks of clients. Communicate. Take lunch. Get back on work with more assignments. Grab a coffee. Receive client’s email. Send an email response. Update to-dos for tomorrow. Sign-off for the day.

Taking Feedback

Being in the industry of outsourcing, customer satisfaction is taken as the prime concern. Despite displaying strong management skills and performing assigned tasks, virtual assistants expect honest feedback of the work done.

Call it as a part of the day, but virtual assistants spend a significant chunk of time in working on the feedback. It certainly helps in improving the quality of deliverable.

This it is!

Can you relate? Or do you think you wish to connect with such optimist for your mundane and administrative tasks?

Take a plunge with virtual assistant services. Having the ability to perform a range of back-office operations, they show you the way of rapid growth.

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