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Fusion is when diverse cultures blend perfectly, and we live up to the name; FUSION. We hold over 300 team members including virtual assistants, sales, and marketing specialists. A talent pool from top institutions, copywriters, website designers, developers, recruiters, and researchers; all which create Fusion Business Solutions! Like a blazing Phoenix, we always will rise with a betterment and understanding that sometimes changes are inevitable but ultimately good.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Who is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a professional who provides support services to other businesses from a remote location. They are helpful to the businesses that are either not equipped with the required resources and infrastructure to bring the staff on their location. Or if they are too involved in their adminstrative or backend activities that they are not able to focus on other important aspects of business such as gaining more business. The virtual assistants can perform variety of tasks for you, ranging from executive assistance to bookkeeping.

What are Virtual Assistant Services?

The virtual assistant services typically cater to non-specialized, process centric repetitive activities of a business. For example, entering invoices to a system, or managing a CRM.  

Virtual Assistant Services are mostly sought by small to mid-size businesses who want to free up their time from day to day administrative or back office activities.

How Can Virtual Assistant Help Your Business?

The entrepreneurs usually start the business with bold vision and big plans. However, the right hiring decisions are where most small businesses are challengedIn lot of the cases business owners themselves performs the mundane tasks that include designing, writing, fixing bugs, updating the website, bookkeeping, customer service and much more.

It is essential to delegate some of these to someone who can take care of it like an autopilot mode.  Virtual Assistants are a fantastic option for your initial hiring or to free up your or your key team member’s time from essential daily business activities 

What is the Difference Between Virtual Assistant and Chatbot?

The chatbots and virtual assistant are very different. Chatbots are Artificial Intelligence based apps that help your business with a specific set of tasks, that’s chat conversations. That too up to an extent. However, our virtual assistants are humans with real intelligence, who become a part of your team and business and can perform like any other team member you have inhouse.  

Is there any difference between your Virtual Assistant and my in-house Employee who is made to do the same job?

If you consider hiring an employee or virtual assistant for your organization, we can help you by doing the comparison right here. In the case of employees, you will require office space, equipment, and compensation to be given. Moreover, hiring and training of employees will add to the cost. It is also difficult to get employees for weekend and evening tasks.

On the other hand, virtual assistants can stay and work on the desired schedule. There is no requirement of office space and equipment when it comes to virtual assistants. We have a detailed answer on this question in one of our blogs (please refer link) 

How can I outsource my task to a virtual assistant?

Starting with a virtual employee is like how you start with a new team member at office. The only difference is that the virtual assistant works remotely. Following is a flow chart of series of events:

  • Identify the activities your virtual staff will do.
  • Schedule a call with the virtual operations team or your account consultant to explain your expectations.
  • Based on your expectations, operation consultant will choose the right staff for you.
  • Schedule an introduction round with assigned staff.
  • Schedule a screen sharing session for the training. Your consultant or supervisor will guide you through it.
  • Give a walk-through of the processes via screen sharing session.
  • The virtual staff will do some sample exercises to develop your confidence.
  • After some traction and a better learning curve, your virtual team drafts process documents for you.

Is there a demo/free trial available for a virtual assistant?

Yes, we provide a three days trial for those who are interested in taking our virtual assistant services. Before we begin with the trial, you will get connected to your virtual assistant via call, IMemail or any other preferred mode of communication. During these days, the client will learn about our work parameters, reporting structure, and overall performance. Also, there is involvement of work-related instructions that you need to escalate before we begin with the tasks 

Will my virtual assistant be working on weekend and holidays?

Yes, if you have a team of multiple virtual assistants, we can draft a schedule for you to offer you weekend coverage as well. If you have single staff, we offer 40 hours work week, and you get to choose, what days will be most preferred. Usually we work same timings as you, Monday to Friday.  

Fusion shares the holiday calendar in advance and your virtual assistant will always give you an heads up before the holiday. However, we are also committed to the customer service and satisfaction. We would want you to note that your dedicated virtual employee will be working on certain instances, when work must be carried on.  

As I sign up, what can I expect next?

First, welcome abroad! We will begin locating the best possible VA for you by using the information that you shared about your preferences and working style. After determining the best VA for you, we’ll send an email for connecting the two of you. We aim to introduce you to our schedule, work parameters, and reporting structure within three business days.

Where will my VA be located?

Our operations facility is in India. However, your dedicated virtual assistant will work in the time zone of your preference. To maintain the data security and confidentiality, none of our staff can work from home.  

Can my VA create or edit a presentation for me?

Surely can. The dedicated VA can format or edit any presentation based on your provided content, images, and other instructions. 

Can my VA keep the inbox organized?

Yes! Delegate your inbox to your VA to read, send, and delete messages on your behalf. It can prevent you from missing the crucial emails while keeping the folders tidy.  

The VAs can work on any email platform including Gmail, Outlook, or others, to best accommodate your needs.  

Can the VA make outbound calls on my behalf?

It is possible! Your dedicated virtual assistant will be happy to contact your regular vendors, make reservations, make purchases or conduct prospecting calls to solicit customers. However, we tend to stay away from making sales calls.  

Can the VA make purchases on my behalf?

They can! Your VA can place orders and schedule payments safely and securely. To share credit card information, passwords, and other sensitive data, we give the authority to only the VA and that to through a secured platformThis is the way to ensure that your information is safe. At Fusion, we strictly commit to the security of your account! 

If you can’t find an answer to your question, you can also ask us at support@fusionfirst.com.