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Be Informed. Be Smart. Be Sure.
Fusion is when diverse cultures blend perfectly, and we live up to the name; FUSION. We hold over 300 team members including virtual assistants, sales, and marketing specialists. A talent pool from top institutions, copywriters, website designers, developers, recruiters, and researchers; all which create Fusion Business Solutions! Like a blazing Phoenix, we always will rise with a betterment and understanding that sometimes changes are inevitable but ultimately good.

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Remote Staffing Solutions

Triple Your Efficiency with Business Process Outsourcing

What We Do?

Bookkeeping Services

Reminders / Out of Office / Weekend / Maternity Support

CRM Management

Travel Arrangements

Event Management

Appointment Management

PA Services

Audio, Video & Dictation Transcription

Data Management

Data Entry Offline or Online

Manual / Form-Based Data Entry

Data Organising

Data Mining / Maintenance

Word Processing

Document Transcription

Document Formatting

Hard work never goes out of style, but working smarter wins the day. The most successful entrepreneurs understand their top-secret weapon is their time. When founders are able to do their best work, the business can survive and thrive.

Our executive assistants streamline the operational tasks that keep a business moving, so those at the helm can stay on course. They allow you to delegate repeatable processes to save time and scale your business more effectively. Here are just a few major benefits of our Outsourcing Solutions:

Control Costs

Low-Level BPO helps focus budgets on key personnel and positions that contribute directly to growth.

Improve Efficiency

Outsourced employees handle the minutiae that trip you up from focusing on big-picture ideas that lead to success.

Remain Agile

Be ready for any challenge with a trusted team that grows with you, keeping your operational costs in control.

Reduce Risk

You can start with partial Outsourcing where you have the exercise control over business-critical tasks and helps you increase your productivity, with the opportunity to grow.

Delegate to us and focus on the growth of your business. We partner with you, creating a reliable workforce that understands your goals, your clientele, your messaging, your support systems, and the key milestones that add up to that success.

At Fusion, our aim is to be the most effective army of human assets possible. Fueled by a passion to learn and an excitement for our work we grow alongside you. We work to set and meet deadlines, and our professionals coordinate their efforts with your in-house teams every step of the way.

To do this, our team has developed a four-step approach to the work we do, with each step focused on outcomes that enable growth:

  • Understand the core business focus.
  • Plan primary project milestones.
  • Carefully consider special use cases that require attention.
  • Execute with precision.

Every Remote Staff is cross-trained by superiors on live projects before working with a client’s project. We do this to ensure we have met your expectations, fulfilled our commitment to excellence, and created cohesion between our team and yours. Be it qualitative or quantitative, your team can do its best work to gain an edge over your competitors with a reliable and strong support wing at the ready.

Fusion is ready to execute on your vision, so put us to work. Contact us today to learn more.

Case Study

An ideal Client and Virtual Assistant’s business relationship. Learn how a company grew by outsourcing the Administrative tasks offshore.

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