Data Annotation Case Studies1

The Rise of a UK E-Commerce Giant through Strategic Outsourcing


Bombinate emerged in the summer of 2018, conceived along the ancient Silk Road, with a vision to connect customers with a new generation of artisans and craftsmen. Based in the UK, Bombinate is committed to delivering Limited Editions of high-quality clothing, accessories, and lifestyle goods. Their mission is to consolidate a consciously curated wardrobe, celebrating the brands behind them, utilizing third-party e-commerce platforms to enhance reach and service.


  • Resource Strain: The substantial resources required for maintaining an in-house customer support team were becoming untenable, necessitating outsourced retail management.
  • Cost Prohibitive: As an early-stage company, the financial implications of a 24/7 customer support team were significantly burdensome, pointing to the need for outsourced customer support.
  • Technology Investment: Staying abreast of the rapidly evolving customer support technologies was a persistent hurdle, demanding e-commerce technology scalability.


To address these challenges, FBSPL implemented a comprehensive strategy comprising the following services:

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