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5 Common Misconceptions about Business Process Outsourcing that Must be Debunked

5 Common Misconceptions about Business Process Outsourcing that Must be Debunked

Misconceptions can actually thwart us from boosting our business performances. The trend of outsourcing tasks saves time and money and despite being a popular choice among business leaders, it has to face some erroneous beliefs. When it comes to choosing global business consulting services, most companies and personnel have all sorts of misapprehensions.

While the global market’s dimension of outsourced services has reached up to $76.9 billion, misconceptions still prevail. So, to help you separate these fallacies from the facts, here is some reality check that demystifies the 5 major BPO myths.

Misconception #1

Outsourcing is A Costly Affair

Fact: While a lot of people think that outsourcing is going to cost them a fortune, in reality, outsourcing companies can offer a saving of around 20% to 30% on the salary outlays of hiring in-house staff. More often outsourcing companies implement solutions that improve existing business processes while reducing expenses.

Misconception #2

No Regulation Over Your Project

Fact: When it comes to outsourcing, many business owners believe that they will lose regulation or visibility over their projects. This is again a big misconception as outsourcing companies keep track of the performance and also give you analytics of the entire undertaking.

Misconception #3

Outsourcing Lays Your Information in Jeopardy

Fact: No, it’s nothing like that! On the brighter side, there are some tools like process control and analysis tools that enable continuous monitoring. Outsourcing your business work can help you maintain the optimum level of data security in the industry.

Misconception #4

Outsourcing Companies Just Don’t Get It

Fact: Again, it’s not true that outsourcing firms don’t understand your business. Business process partners have industry experts who comprehend your business and work hard to discover the nitty-gritty of your processes and requirements.

Misconception #5

It’s Just for The Large Firms and Not for Startups

Fact: No matter its size, most outsourcing companies in the USA come up with practicality for your business needs. Many small and medium-sized businesses outsource services to meet their requirements. BPO services provide a reasonable solution for every company.And above all, there are some common/layman myths also.

  • BPO means a call-center

    Debunked: BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing and the word ‘Outsourcing’ means signing a company to work for a business in some specific department and not just picking calls.

  • You Don’t Get to Learn Much in A BPO Industry

    Debunked: Working in business process outsourcing companies in the USA requires learning how to speak, accent neutralization, and so much more.

  • Anybody Can Get a Job in A BPO

    Debunked: This is a wrong perception, BPO requires voice experts, trainers, IT support, operation manager, etc. for one project – it’s not a piece of cake.

Summing Up

These are the myths associated with global business consulting services which need to be debunked. Due to a lack of knowledge, awareness, and understanding; businesses are unable to get what they ought to get from business process outsourcing. By taking on board a business process outsourcing, many businesses can grow and uphold a reputable place in the market.

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