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The privacy policy talks about the way Fusion uses and protects the information that comes through the website.

Fusion First is committed to making sure that your privacy is being protected. Your information collected on the website help us know about who visitors are, when do they visit the site. We do not sell your personal information. Also, your information shall always align with the privacy statement of the website.

Things we collect

  • Name
  • Education/Employment status
  • Name of the college/organization
  • Email address, mailing address, and phone number
  • Pages that you have visited
  • What is the industry/service requirement

Things we do with the gathered information

We take your information only to know more about your needs and give a better service, for some reasons mentioned below:

  • The records are kept for future use of reference.
  • The information is taken continuously for improving the website’s products and services.
  • Not regularly, but in some intervals, we may send periodic emails to help you learn about upcoming offers, price change, or additional features related to our services.
  • Your information help in serving the purpose of market research.
  • The information will also improve customer service by giving a response to customer service queries.
  • The information collected will help in customizing the website as per your interest and requirements.

Reason we collect your information

We collect your information only due to some legitimate interest. If you appear to be a potential customer or you’ve expressed interest in our service, or you’ve become our customer, only then we require your information to give you better service. Add to it, we also collect information of job applicants via careers page.


We want to make sure that your information is secure. To avoid any unauthorized access or disclosure, we take measures to secure and safeguard the information through the means of firewall. Thus, you can sit in the assurance that your information is always safe with us.

Third parties

We do not share your information with any third-party vendor or website for business purpose. The information that we collect from you remains with us for the reasons mentioned above and the improvement of your experience as a customer.

Use of cookies

The use of cookies only helps in the assessment of user experience at our website. If you don’t know what they are – they are text files that come in your browser that keeps a note of your preferences.

The cookies also inform us about the traffic and help us improve the web page as per the customer needs. The information is purely taken for the analysis and improvement purpose.

Surrender your personal information

At some point when you have changed your mind and do not want to receive Fusion’s news/emails anymore, you can write to us at support@fusionfirst.com (We can use your information or email address through our form filling option, on-call discussion, or you being among the list of our subscribers). A user’s session will be tracked, but the user will be anonymous.

Remember! By using the website, you have full consent over the privacy policy.

Fusion can change the policy at any point in time in the future. You can check the page from time to time to learn about the updated aspects.

For questions regarding the privacy policy, you can contact us.

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Let us upgrade and streamline your business process now.


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