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5 Explicit Tips on Keeping Virtual Assistants Motivated

Tips on Keeping Virtual Assistants Motivated

Do you employ the services of a virtual assistant? Have you engaged a virtual assistant to work on your project? Do any of your staff wish to work remotely? If you replied “yes” to any of these questions, you have a good understanding of how it feels to manage remote workers. And you’re probably aware of the significance of encouraging remote workers. You must continue to motivate remote workers, whether they are at home or on the other side of the world, for them to be as productive as possible. Even your most self-sufficient remote workers can benefit from a little extra guidance from you to stay on course.

Working with virtual assistants can be either a blessing or a curse. Let’s hope that in this situation, you did get an excellent VA and the next step is to keep them ‘turned on’ and interested.

Engaged VAs are more eager to contribute to your company’s success. They aren’t simply there to take orders in order to make money. They consider their work to be an important contribution to your business.

Because you’re just communicating with your VA online, it’s easy to lose interest in them.

However, here are some of the few points you can about. We’ll show you how to keep your virtual assistant engaged and motivated at work.

Create effective communication systems

One of the most prevalent issues that virtual teams experience is miscommunication. After all, exchanging information is easier when you can just walk a few steps over to your colleague’s desk and explain what you want or need.However, with remote teams, a variety of issues might arise, including sickness, home emergencies, internet connection issues, malfunctioning computers, and power outages. Work disruptions are understandable, but the issue arises when VAs fail to communicate what’s going on.

To avoid this issue, we strongly advise you to set up at least three channels of contact with your virtual team:

  • Daily Check-in or Check-out
  • Methods of communication in an emergency
  • Weekly or Bi-weekly huddles

A remote organization’s lifeblood is communication. A company that does not have a secure link between its virtual assistants and freelancers will eventually fail.

Team meetings or team building activities should be held on a monthly basis

It’s just as important to have a great relationship with your team as it is to have a strong relationship with the rest of your numerical business KPIs. Create a space where you can give and receive feedback, collaborate as a team, and your virtual assistants can freely express themselves and share ideas.Holding team activities in a remote environment might be difficult. These are now more freely accessible thanks to communication services like Zoom and Slack. Plan activities and games to keep your VAs engaged or meet with them periodically to check in and have a casual talk.

Reward your virtual assistants proactively

Compensation, in addition to growth and advancement, is one strategy to inspire and retain your virtual assistants. Giving people the results of their labour is gratifying, and it makes them feel like their contributions are critical to the organization’s success.Our responsibilities as entrepreneurs extend beyond making a profit for our company. We need to encourage internal growth and give back to the people who have contributed to our success. To express our thanks for their commitment to the company, we must keep them engaged through proper compensation.It’s also critical to pay your staff on time and provide them with perks. To avoid excessive staff turnover, don’t make the mistake of underpaying your virtual assistants. Reasonable salary and a positive business culture will keep them interested and motivated to work with you.

Provide Feedback

Not only good feedback, but an appropriate amount of constructive criticism at the end of each assignment can be useful to the company. It takes very little effort to provide actual feedback to your virtual assistants, which can be used and applied in the future to ensure that they continue to perform great and error-free work.

Let your VA know you trust them

One of the most crucial foundations of motivation is trust. When people like and trust their leaders, they are frequently more motivated and willing to generate better results. You can’t expect people to be committed to their work if they don’t trust you or the organization. Regular meetings are the best method to create trust within a remote team. Use virtual meetings to do this at least once a week or at the start of a work or project.


It’s amazing to collaborate with virtual assistants from all around the world. You will be in charge of virtual assistants from various cultures and backgrounds who will support you in improving yourself and your company. As a result, it is only fair to repay them with equal work and leadership in order to contribute to their development.

Make a conscious effort to improve your relationship with your virtual assistants by honestly appreciating them.

We hope you found these suggestions useful. What measures do you use to keep your virtual assistants happy? Tell us in the comments section below.

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