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6 Ways to Drive Business Success with Customer Service

6 Ways to Drive Business Success with Customer Service

If you remember the famous saying, “it takes years to build a reputation, but just a moment to ruin it.”

The phrase very well justifies how important it is to keep a customer happy and satisfied. According to the research, when customer service is effective, it can boost the company’s bottom line. Therefore, customer service and business success always walk hand-in-hand.

Not only your prospective customers need to be attracted by initial serviceability but also it is important to deliver value to the current customers. However, not every business can deliver mind-blowing customer support.

Here is how your effective customer support can result in business growth and success:

Make them Feel Valued

A customer who is valued is a customer who is going to return.

Businesses need to focus on treating customers well, answer to their questions, and adhere to their expectations. The approach is majorly known as “retention-based customer service” works very well when it is about engaging customers and building a long-lasting relationship with them.

Aim for Customer Satisfaction over Success Metrics

You might be dancing around the number of pitch and the number of sales made. But, do all these numbers matter? The only thing that matters is, did you leave the customers happy?

Consider it as the guiding light for customer support services and do not let it get lost between the measurable things.

Hire Customer Support Reps

Expert customer service executives are likely to attract customers towards the brand. It sounds complicated but works in three simple steps:

Hire the right representatives. By right reps, it means customer support associates who bring experience with them.

Introduce your product or brand to them so that they can blend their customer care skills with your brand voice.

Watch your customers returning after that. If nothing works at all, the consistent human support on the product or service-related problems will make a difference.

Thus, when you hire the right people and focus on customer relationship management, you are not losing a large chunk of customers, for sure. If you find it difficult to hire the right talent. Connect with an experienced BPO who can bring in the right blend of experience both in operations and customer support.

Create an Emotional Connection

It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.

One of the best examples is of an e-commerce company who found that a customer couldn’t return newly bought pair of shoes in due time as his mother passed away. When the company found out the case, they took care of the return shipping. Not only this, they sent a bouquet and a note of condolences from the customer support team.

Yes! It does make a difference. As per the new science of customer emotions, an emotionally engaged customer is likely to respond in the following was:

  • Recommend your product & service further
  • Become a loyal customer
  • Be less price-sensitive and opt repeatedly for your brand

Customers tend to become loyal when they find out that a business cares about the well-being of a customer.

Go Wherever the Customer Goes

Maybe a prospective customer wants to inquire about a product/service on social media, or email, or chatbox on website. Thus, it is essential for a customer support executive to provide multi-channel/Omnichannel service with the same quality and brand touch across all platforms.

And as social media becomes a famous junction for customers of every age and group, a dedicated team of customer support only for social media channels can earn you happy and loyal customers.

So, don’t shuttle them off, provide support on all the channel that they choose.

Take Customer Feedback and React

Every customer has a unique need and preference. After answering their questions, and solving their problems, lean on to a customer feedback session. Because there is a no absolute substitute for customer feedback in the process of improving customer experience.

But remember to keep it short and crisp!

A customer should not feel annoyed by your list of questions. And it does not end on gathering the feedback; you also must act on it.

Listen to them, act on the feedback and congratulations! You are already on the path of giving the best customer service.

What Next?

Acting on the fact that customers give a lot of attention to the brand that provides the right support, a business can take it as an opportunity to stand out among the competitors.

And if you do not have an in-house team to give the best customer care, Fusion has a team of customer support associates to work for you. Being in the BPO industry for a considerable time, we have the right knowledge and team to act your customer queries no matter where they are.

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