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Fusion Business Solutions Invests in Blowhorn

Fusion Business Solutions Invests in Blowhorn

Fusion believes in bringing happiness among stakeholders and innovation in every task. We help in collaboration between all the parties, accepting due accountability while maintaining full transparency with our clients and team alike. We have an incredible pool of talent from leading institutions that makes a team of experts to deliver quality solutions. Fusion works as an extended wing of support for you that enables your staff to excel irrespective of your team size i.e. whether you are a team of two or 2,000, we offer competitive and comprehensive business and IT solutions.

Investment in Blowhorn

Fusion has recently invested in Blowhorn, a company focused on building a system to make all logistic operations efficient. They have built an intracity transportation network equipped with cutting edge technology to deliver goods economically. They tackle the problems of limited capital-intensive play, low technology implementation, and contextual intelligence in the current e-commerce logistics ecosystem with their innovative solutions.

Blowhorn offers seamless payments and GST-ready invoices, multi pick-up and drop-off points, and end-to-end visibility. Blowhorn helps you transport beverages, groceries, agricultural produce, pharmaceuticals, sports goods, industrial machinery and also helps in house relocation along with many other services. Blowhorn’s potential will expand and the business will achieve new heights by joining hands with Fusion.

Blowhorn offers a transportation layer to handle both fixed and Adhoc requirements. They have a dedicated team that is constantly working to add new capabilities to the transportation layer for expanding their logistics offerings. It offers several enterprise features including:

  • My Fleet Dashboard: You can easily track the location of your driver using MyFleet dashboard. It allows you to track the movement of every vehicle, trips taken with many other benefits.
  • Speed of Delivery: Keeping customer happiness as their ultimate goal, Blowhorn ensures that all of their deliveries reach you fast and at a pocket-friendly price.
  • Dedicated Personnel: Blowhorn has a dedicated team that is there at your service even at week hours of the day to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Subject Matter Experts: Their team is full of subject matter experts and industry leaders that have efficient solutions to your problems.

Way Forward

Fusion never hesitates to offer a helping hand to the ones who hold the true potential to transform the world. We make sure to provide the right appreciation and support required by any budding business to emerge as a world leader. It can boost business functionality in most unexpected ways and help in transforming the world into a larger picture. Fusion offers all sorts of assistance and guidance required for them to grow and unlock new bundles of endless opportunities for the world.

Following our traits of a world leader, we have invested in Blowhorn and with this investment, we look forward to realizing the dream of a smarter and efficient world.

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Let us upgrade and streamline your business process now.


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