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Fusion Business Solutions Invests in Jivana Link

Fusion Business Solutions Invests in Jivana Link

Fusion is a leading mobile application web application development and Business Process Outsourcing company that is globally known for its quality solutions. It recently invested in Jivana Link and has been delivering world-class solutions since its inception in 2006, which perfectly aligns with the requirements of the clients. Our business process outsourcing and innovative mobile and web application development services set us apart from the crowd. We have been transforming the lives of people with our highly efficient business solutions and have been serving the clients with our multi-domain expertise in consulting, IT services and virtual staffing solutions.

Investment in Jivana Link

Fusion focuses on bringing happiness among stakeholders and innovation in every task. We make the collaboration between all the parties seamless and accept due accountability while maintaining full transparency with our clients and team alike. At Fusion, we have an incredible pool of talent from leading institutions that work as an extended wing of support for you. We invested in Jivana Link to expand our existing team serves our clients more efficiently.

Jivana Link is an IT solution provider company situated in Steinhausen, Switzerland. They offer a wide range of managed IT services, customized as per the needs of the clients. Jivana Link helps the users reach their strategic business goals. Jivana holds high expertise in Web and Mobile App Development, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing.

Their solutions assist you in the delivery of new projects, maintaining existing projects, and facilitate the outsourcing of business processes. They provide you with easier yet effective ways to discover, analyze, design, build, verify and deliver your projects. Jivana offers solutions for transport and delivery management, e-Commerce, learning management, multi-level marketing (MLM), fitness and nutrition management, HR and payroll, logistics, distribution and warehousing, and productivity enhancement.

Way Forward

Our goal is to provide budding talents with the right appreciation and support so that they can become world leaders and can contribute to transforming the world on a larger picture. Fusion has always been a real leader in every aspect. We have been taking many initiatives to encourage new ideas and emerging businesses.

Fusion offers all sorts of assistance and guidance required for them to grow and open gates of endless opportunities for the world. By investing in Jivana Link, we look forward to realizing the dream of a smarter and efficient world together.

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Let us upgrade and streamline your business process now.


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