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Here’s How Virtual Assistants Skyrocket Your Business Growth

How Virtual Assistants services  Skyrocket Your Business Growth

Starting & running a business is not easy. There are days when workload takes a toll on you, you lose focus from core business operations due to administrative tasks, or excessive work demands take away all your personal time.

You must be going through all of this. Don’t worry. Virtual assistants won’t let you drown in this sea of troubles. They are here to save you and all the business owners like you.

Not sure if they could help you or not? Here are the top five reasons that prove their value in a business.

5 Reasons That Prove The Value Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants Lower Your Operating Costs

Hiring a virtual assistant will not just help you get work done by a professional but also save money. According to research, virtual assistants help businesses save 78% operating costs. Yes, it is true!

When you hire a virtual assistant, you pay them only hourly or on a project basis. You need not pay for office space, office equipment, transportation, meals, internet connection, communication, or other utilities. Not just this, you save some more money as you are not required to pay any perks, incentives, or additional benefits to virtual assistants.

Virtual Assistants Save On Your Hiring And Onboarding Costs

Not only operational, but virtual assistants even save your hiring & onboarding costs. You need not go through the lengthy recruitment process when hiring a virtual assistant. You are not required to connect separately with a recruitment agency and pay them fortunes to hunt talent for your business.

Getting a virtual assistant for your business is simple and quick as it is to read this. You can hire one online through popular job platforms like Upwork or outsource the task of hiring virtual assistants to a company.

Whichever method you use for hiring a virtual assistant, the cost would be quite less than the traditional method of hiring and onboarding an employee.

Virtual Assistants Are Highly Educated, Experienced, Trained & Skilled Professionals

Virtual assistants are highly trained and experienced in their respective fields. Almost 60% of virtual assistants are well-educated and boast a college degree.

Be it basic day-to-day mundane tasks like scheduling appointments, attending calls, responding to emails, or core business activities like bookkeeping, content creation, social media marketing, virtual assistants can help you with every business function.

This is not it. You get plenty of benefits from virtual assistants being experienced professionals. You need not invest any time, cost, or effort in training them for the work.

Virtual Assistants Have Increased Productivity & Efficiency

Virtual assistants work remotely. When working remotely, virtual assistants get an ocean of benefits. They get to work from the comforts of home and need not invest time in travelling to their offices for work.

Virtual assistants work alone without any office distractions, which gives them more time in their hands for work. They even get the freedom to work flexibly. In turn, they are able to maintain larger levels of productivity & efficiency and work faster and harder.

According to a study conducted by Global Workspace Analytics, virtual employees are 20-25% more productive than full-time employees. And according to another study by Stanford University, there was a 13% increase in the productivity level of remote workers as they take fewer leaves and breaks.

Virtual Assistants Are Content With Their Careers

A report suggests that 97% of virtual assistants are happy and content with their job. Virtual assistants are less likely to hop a job frequently. And this is what business owners want & value the most, long-term stability. Stability and a positive working relationship indirectly save your time, cost, effort, and more.


Virtual assistants can make a huge difference and add great value to your business. But one roadblock that you might stumble upon is how to hire them!

As stated above, you can find them online or outsource a company to hire them for you. Without any doubt, outsourcing is the cost-efficient and time-saving method to hire virtual assistants. And, you are at the right place. At FBSPL, we provide you with the best team of virtual assistants that can help you with every business task that is consuming your time, cost, and effort. Contact us today!

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