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How Remote Staff can help you in Business Development

How Remote Staff can help you in Business Development

It is okay to not want to do certain tasks on your own when you are an entrepreneur. It is especially hard when these tasks are so boring due to being mundane and repetitive. There are only 24 hours in a day anyway and you cannot possibly do every single task within that time if you’re pulling a one-man-show. Now, what is the solution then? A remote staff this right here is the answer to all your worries as an entrepreneur. Hire one with research expertise to cut down your work while benefiting the company. Let us have a look through all the tasks you can get your remote staff to do.

Save time

Do you have the time to go through long prospect lists? I’m pretty sure you don’t. Get a virtual assistant of remote staff to go through the long prospect list. Hire staff to investigate the details and figure out who from the long prospect list is actually a target audience and who is not. You can save your time and cleverly spend it only on those clients who have the potential to bring you any good as a company. You can trust your remote staff for contact sourcing as well as to mark your bookings in the calendar too. Just right there you got rid of so much workload.


Campaigning is a vital aspect of any company. Unfortunately, you cannot go out and conduct this process on your own. As important as it is, you need to hire the right lead generation staff to conduct this process. A virtual assistant will work from your email marketing to your social media marketing. The remote staff will do the campaigning by sending out newsletter emails to potential clients. They will also keep up with existing clients. Alongside this, the virtual staff will help maintain good customer relations as well by doing things like sending out thank you emails. As for database building, a good virtual assistant will send out forms for the clients to fill in. With this information, the virtual assistant will be able to maintain a good database collection as well.

Social media and search engine optimization

Other than email marketing, remote staff also works for search engine marketing and social media marketing. For this part of campaigning regarding the business, they will post SEO content. The regular website analysis will help you improve your official website and the content too. A virtual assistant will be able to get you good traffic by using effective marketing methods. As for social media, regular updates and good quality content are vital. Hiring a remote staff for this task is highly beneficial. Since you can’t sit around spending hours creating user-friendly content, the virtual assistant will do it for you. They will also keep up with customer engagement like replying to messages, responding to comments, considering the complaints, etc. These little things will immensely improve your business repute.

Other marketing

Now, a business does have to keep up with existing clientele. There are a lot of follow-ups to be made. You need to convince customers to re-hire you as well. A virtual assistant good at contact sourcing will be able to fulfill this task easily. They will also be good at answering customer queries. Best of all they will not have to rush through it at all because they have all the time dedicated to these tasks only. Whether you need rental space or new office buildings, your virtual assistant can do the research they will bring you brochures. The hired remote staff can make the lists of all the required materials. As for promoting events like open houses, that could also be taken care of by your virtual assistant. Long story short, you will not have anything to worry about!

Blog maintenance

By this time, we all know the importance of having a well-maintained blog. However, it is a time-consuming procedure. This is a task your remote staff can do very well. Your VA can regularly update your blog content or post SEO content on the website for generating traffic for your website. He can post regarding the business updates to keep customers well informed. Alongside, the VA can research more content for engagement. For example, they will have the time to look for relevant videos or images to make your blog more interactive. As for regular blog topics, that will also be sorted out by the hired remote staff. Basically, a hired remote staff can manage your blog perfectly to bring you way more leads than you could do on your own.


You know what else can change your business other than good marketing? It’s networking. Having good relations, whether it is with customers or with other businesses, is the oxygen for your business. Some connections you will have to make yourself by going to events or seminars but keeping in touch with them eats a lot of time- which could be taken care by your VA if you just provide him the list of screenshots of the business cards collected, so he can just send a thank you note to all of them. Your virtual assistant can keep up a positive relationship and maintain existing contacts too. Your remote staff may also list out certain important networking events for you.

That sums up some of the benefits you can get from your hired virtual assistant. You can say goodbye to the everyday mundane tasks that take up most of your time and simply trust your virtual assistant for tasks ranging from database building to contact sourcing. Your life will become much easier and your business will gain a lot of benefits, too!

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