Master the Art of Crafting E-commerce Product Descriptions That Make Customers Click 'Add to Cart'

How to Craft Compelling Ecommerce Product Descriptions

We all have experienced the convenience of online shopping, some more than others. But imagine searching for a unique sensory light for your home. You visit a website recommended by your friend, and you are amazed by the product's sleek design and immersive 360-degree view.

However, before making the final purchase, you wanted to be 100% sure. Hence, you click on the product description to learn about its warranty, safety certifications, control options, and technology.

But all you get to know is:

Type: Sensor Lights
Color: White

Disappointed, right?

Not sure if you still want to buy the product.

That's the power of product description.

But we feel it often gets overlooked in online sales.

Hence, we asked our sales experts about it, and here is what they said:

❝Your product description acts as an unsung hero in your sales journey. A well-crafted one is like a skilled salesperson effectively conveying intricate product details to potential customers. So, neglecting it is nothing less than neglecting your sales goals❞

FBSPL Sales Team

Moreover, we delved deeper and found out that a Nielsen Norman Group study revealed roughly 20% of sales failures stem from inadequate product information. Another study highlighted that a significant majority of survey participants, over 80% of respondents, saw product descriptions as influential in their final purchasing decisions.

This made us think that in today's dynamic E-commerce landscape, building an E-commerce store has become easier than ever. As of 2023, more than 26.5 million online stores are operating worldwide.


What is still a challenge is to: