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What to expect from a Business Process Outsourcing Services provider?

What to expect from a Business Process Outsourcing Services provider

Expectations can lead you to satisfaction, and knowing what to expect is a blessing. When a person sees his/her expectations getting fulfilled, they tend to feel content.

It is the same way for your personal and professional life. Expectations can either lead you to feel happy and contented or can lead you in the very opposite direction as well.

When you work with a person or a business, you have a specific picture of the outcome in your mind. Well, the first step for succeeding with any such association is to lay out your expectation clearly in terms of what you need, when you need it, and how to go about it.

Many businesses feel that they did not have a great experience while working with an outsourcing service provider. I know your expectations are high as you hire a professional team to deliver to you. There could be many factors for undesired outcomes and your bitter experience, but did you ever analyze it? Could it be a lack of communication in translating your expectations?

Let us take a few pointers to see how you can build an excellent foundation for your business process outsourcing needs.

List Down Your Requirements

First things first, you must write down your requirements on paper. So, you exactly know what all things you need to accomplish by hiring a Business Process Outsourcing Company (BPO).

Define your what, when, and how explicitly. If done correctly, you can count on a great start to your association. The remaining success of the relationship depends on the right BPO partner.

Dive In

Now, let us do some research! Google is your best friend if you know what you are looking for. The list can be endless and sounds like when you are looking out for a life partner. You have many expectations; however, it is crucial to start with the basics first. Your preliminary checklist can look like this:

My Idle BPO Partner will have-

  • A wide experience. A company that is well established.

  • Has an excellent infrastructure to support your work needs.

  • Offers the services you are looking for (the obvious).

  • Have a pool of professional staff working with them.

  • Tenure of their senior team members in the company.

  • Have robust security features.

  • Have a professional and internationally recognized compliance certificate like ISO.

  • Their current clients can vouch for them.

  • Do they have any ratings on Google Review or a third party like Clutch?

  • Do they have a contract? If yes, what is the bottleneck?

If you find a company meeting all these points, congratulations, you hit the Jackpot!

One can get to know more about a company by learning about the culture, the beliefs of the company’s leaders (what drives them), the employee perspective (how much fun it is to work), what is the mission, vision, and values of the company. All these things will help you build your trust in your BPO partner and, more importantly, filter and narrow down your research.

Weigh Up!

Now, the very immediate step is to start weighing up your requirements against the insights you got from the Dive In section. This part is the most critical and important one as this will help you make the decision.

Start by matching up the services you want versus the services provided by the Business Process Outsourcing company. Look for the hidden benefits you can get once you have opted in for the services, such as a trial, dedicated virtual professional or team, and management bandwidth so that there is no need for you to micro-manage and oversee your virtual staff.

Once you have matched all your requirements, get in touch with the company. I also suggest speaking to at least one of their existing clients. It will help you establish trust, and more importantly, you can gain some ideas on how to utilize the services effectively.

You will be surprised to realize how hassle-free your life can be after outsourcing some of the activities off your plate.

We at FBSPL have been working with businesses since 2006. If you want to discuss any of your outsourcing needs or have questions,

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