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These terms and conditions will act as a binding agreement between us(fusion) and you (client). Going forward, these points can be referred for learning about the terms, conditions, and other notices. The clients or users taking a particular service on the website, are subject to services and materials that can contain terms and conditions.

Using or taking services from the website, you agree and remain bound by the terms of use. The agreement with us regarding compliance the terms of use becomes active on the commencement of the use of this site.

By taking our services or visiting our website, you show acceptance to the following terms and conditions. For disagreement with any one of them, you shall stop accessing the services and site.

Business Purpose

Fusion Business Solutions runs with a purpose of giving skilled professionals and making them serviceable for professionals to companies like you who are willing to outsource tasks to outside professionals. The professionals provided to client by Fusion Business Solutions are employees of Fusion and not the employees of the client. Therefore, the client shall always utilize the service offered by Fusion Business Solutions and not consider the assigned employee as the only point of contact.


It is on the side of the client to understand the geographical distance between self and the virtual assistant. The collaborative and professional relationship calls for mutual respect and courtesy. Being a fusion’s client, you must consider the significance of communication via email, chat, phone, or video call. It is the responsibility of the client to understand that virtual staff might require timely training or clarification on the projects. This will result in proper support and better-quality work by keeping all communication channels open.

Payment Options

All of our services are paid, except for the free trial. We accept credit card as a means of money transfer for your selected service.

For more details regarding this like when to pay, how much to pay, can be discussed with your designated Account Manager


Fusion Business Solutions and the client agree that all the sensitive information shall not be disclosed to any third party. The company also ensures to the client that all the employees are bound by the agreement to not reveal confidential information of any of the client.

Fusion ensures that all the client data will be held with ultimate care. Add to it, Fusion will ask you before using it and not use it until you provide your consent for the given reason.

Termination & Cancellation

Fusion Business Solutions reserve all the right to terminate the services by any of the assigned employees to the client.

Also, you have all the rights to discontinue use of this website based on your wish. You can cancel your subscription or service tenure by directly sending us an email on support@fusionfirst.com

The agreement shall work as a master agreement between the two parties, i.e. the client and Fusion. The terms established and written here apply to several cases and conditions.

Let us upgrade and streamline your business process now.

Let us upgrade and streamline your business process now.


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