Amazon universe is truly a wonderland, especially when you are associated as a seller with the world’s biggest marketplace. They do share all the luxury on the Seller Central account that you would need to build, nurture, and sustain your brand or your product.

This luxury shall always be fruitful for your business and will return value on your investment only when you are able to manage behind the scenes of the big picture, which is a whole lot of back-office and e-commerce management activities.

The luxury is very well enjoyed by sellers who can afford a big team to perform all sorts of back-end work, so that they get to focus on up-scaling the sales and business.

There are circumstances, where you are the owner of an excellent product or possess exemplary selling skills, however, are you equally handy with the technology and computers too? Or can you spare time to provide prompt reply on all customer enquiries and reviews? Even if you are a computer expert, what will be your choice from the below situations:

  1. Being an employee at your own store: You are handling all the back-office work, managing the orders, answering the inquiries, managing inventory, tracking shipments, or even answering customers inquiries. This way, you will be only trying to survive in the market.
  2. Being the owner of your store: You can delegate your back-office struggle to experts and just pay attention to evaluate your sales, prepare growth and marketing strategies and enjoy the idle work-life balance.

The intent here is to not discuss the problem or the hardship but to offer a helping hand and to share solution. If your choice is the latter one instead of former in situation and you find yourself as Alice in Amazon’s wonderland brawling between how and what to do, continue reading, my friend!

Imagine, if you can earn a magic wand that can fulfill all your back-office requirements and provide support on recurring, time consuming and tedious tasks like:

  1. Product Listing: This is an essential activity that brings life to your store and determines the presentation of your products on Amazon. Listing is a never-ending job as you must add, update, or remove the products frequently. It includes sub-sets of activities like managing product imaging, their scaling and presentation, then the description of your product and the pricing, any of the discounts or seasonal sale you would like to offer to the customers.
  2. Inventory Management: Inventory is always up in the air as it keeps fluctuating with every single order. Imagine having a support system helping you with adding products to the inventory, keeping a track on the quantity, warehouse management, shipping management, processing orders, etc.
  3. Customer Support: Customer is God, and you can only be happy when your customer is happy and satisfied. Getting a helping mechanism to answer the questions of customer on different channels I.e., voice, email, chat for order inquiries, returns, refunds or exchanges will ease up your life and will pull out stress.
  4. What Else? Some help with reporting on performance of your sales, marketing strategies, purchase reports, managing your promotions on Amazon, ability to manage your social media branding and many more affiliated services under the same roof.

If you can successfully delegate these e-commerce management activities to a team of professionals, you can find yourself productive time for:

  1. Focusing on the high-level activities of your business.
  2. Working on sustaining the growth and expansion of your business.
  3. Your family, you can be vacationing as the vital activities of your business are on autopilot.
  4. Innovation, as your current model is powered by efficient bandwidth of people focused to work for your store.

Wondering How?

By the time, I am sure if you have read the article till this line, you are willing to know how this will be possible? You can always avail the customized support service with a dedicated virtual employee to manage your Amazon store and bring peace to your mind. All these services can be crafted as per your requirement and your budget.

There are managed service providers out there who can assist you sustain and scale your business. These providers or business process solutions companies can establish a well-defined workflow for your Amazon store and can not only help you thrive with it but can allow you to focus on bringing new products, going to new markets, or may be opening your own ecommerce store as well.

It will bring a big smile to your core team or yourself when your business is powered by a management bandwidth of managers and supervisors with tons of experience in e-commerce channel development and support.

Now, I can sense the amount of curiosity my article has generated and excited you are to avail this little magic wand for your online business. Believe me, our team will be more than happy to connect and discuss everything you would like to know, and we are just a click away.

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Ishaan Bhatnagar

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