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3 Questions to Ask when Outsourcing Bookkeeping or Accounting

3 Questions to Ask when Outsourcing Bookkeeping or Accounting

In this fast-growing digital era, every business needs to handle several significant tasks including accounting and bookkeeping, recruitment, sales, development, finance, etc. Managing all these critical tasks demands a big budget, great resources, and an experienced team of experts. Unfortunately not every company has enough funds to take care of all these things. At this point, you need to hire a business process consultant to manage your finance, accounting, and other unproductive tasks at best. Before delegating your accounting or bookkeeping needs to a third party, you need to ask some security-related questions.

In order to protect your business and calm your worries, it is crucial to know what questions to ask to assure your data is safe and protected. Here are a few to help you get started with accounting outsourcing companies:

What do Physical Security Measures Use?

Before checking the safety of your electronic data, you must check if the servers and other areas where your financial data is stored, is highly secured or not. Ask the offshore agency about the type of access their experts have to databases and whether they have secured server room or not. Besides, you need to check if there are appropriate security measures that serve to screen operators who access the database. If the offshore company has remote staff, check if there are industry standards to manage the location and distribution of data. You will also need to assure that your financial information does not leave the premises of the virtual assistant service provider.

What Happens to the Files When They are Finished with them?

Once the virtual assistant service provider finishes work on your accounting or bookkeeping, what will they do with the used or older file? Do they save older files for a short period of time or erase the files after providing you with copies? After the fulfillment of the work, will the files be downloaded or made accessible through an FTP? You must ask for a written statement on what will happen to your older files. This will help you safeguard your financial data for the future.

What are Their Policies in Case of a Data Breach?

You should always go with an offshore agency that has an emergency action plan in place if an emergency occurs. Ask them what exactly will happen if your confidential files are stolen or the servers are endangered. What policies and emergency plans do the company have in place to lessen the damage, recover information and remunerate the affected organization? Moreover, you must check out their alert process. When will emergency measures be taken to protect your data? This will help you plan a proper strategy in case of any security breach in advance.

All these significant questions must be asked before choosing any virtual assistance services as you will be transferring a massive amount of sensitive financial data to a third party. If you are still confused regarding your bookkeeping and financial needs, we will help you get them sorted. We as the best outsourcing companies in the USA strive to deliver the most innovative business solution to our global clients.

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