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10 Proven E-Commerce Lead Generation Strategies to Boost Your ROI by 53%

E-commerce Customer Support Services Can Be a Game-Changer for Your Brand

Picture this: you're just browsing online for a new pair of sneakers. You stumble upon a website with sleek shoes that look great, but something's missing. No reviews, no size guides, no 'Flash sale, 50% OFF!' to convince you of this potential purchase. Suddenly, you're lost in a sea of shoes, unsure where to step next.

You now understand the plight of an unconverted e-commerce visitor! They're browsing, maybe even intrigued, but without a little nudge, it is very likely they'll run away to the next online store. That's where e-commerce lead generation comes in!

According to recent studies, 53% of marketers spend half of their budget on lead generation. Moreover, there’s no denying the truth that brands that prioritize e-commerce lead generation strategies witness a staggering increase in customer conversion rates. Successful e-commerce businesses attribute their success to a well-crafted lead generation strategy. More than 85% of companies consider lead generation as one of the most important goals of marketing. Wondering where do the challenges lie?

Here: according to the latest studies published by SEMrush and HubSpot, 61% of them see it as a great challenge to generate strong and reliable leads, as 79% of the leads generated are never converted into sales. However, there’s no need to feel down in the dumps, because all you need is an effective strategy to sail right through. Time to get started?

How is E-commerce Lead Generation Different?

Did you know that more than 77% of marketers have seen a rise in email engagement by putting in constant efforts? However, e-commerce lead generation isn't just about throwing coupons at the screen. It's about creating an emotional connection. That brings us to the crucial question: What sets e-commerce lead generation apart?

Unlike traditional industries, e-commerce thrives on instant gratification. Statistics reveal that the average online shopper spends a mere 15 seconds on a website. This time constraint emphasizes the need for swift lead capture strategies. Moreover, a lot of e-commerce customers expect personalized discounts or promotions, making it crucial for businesses to tailor their lead generation strategies accordingly. The dynamic nature of consumer behavior here makes e-commerce lead generation even more unique. How can you then maximize leads for an e-commerce store?

Integrating Lead Generation in the Pre-Sales Process for Growth

Why get alive and kicking with your marketing only when you’re closing the sales? We think there’s so much more a brand can do by just making some changes to the e-commerce sales cycle. So, what does it look like to integrate lead generation and amping up your pre-sales support, and why must you do it? To simply call it beneficial would be stealing the thunder from a practice that is indispensable for long-term success. Here’s how:

  • Timely engagement boosts conversion rates by up to 53%
  • Quick responses to your customers show them that you care about their experience. Resolving their queries as soon as possible or providing targeted content at the right moment significantly impacts purchase decisions. The sooner you act, the sooner they do!

  • A staggering 74% buyers express issues with irrelevant content
  • How do you then make sure you stay relevant and give a tough fight to your competitors? One quick and certain way in the era of artificial intelligence is to leverage predictive analytics in lead generation. This not only helps your business understand its target customers better, but also enables you to personalize product recommendations to their liking.

  • 45% businesses who implemented a CRM saw an improvement in sales revenue
  • A seamless integration of lead data into your customer relationship management (CRM) systems makes room for a smooth and cohesive customer journey. Tweaking your pre-sales strategy just a little can give you a big leap against your competitors.

    Blog posts, eye-catching visuals, interactive quizzes – create content that speaks to your audience's interests, not just your products. Think recipe tips for the foodie, outfit inspiration for the fashionista, and, for the sneakerhead, well, maybe a virtual museum of the rarest kicks (with a 'buy now' button, of course). Do not forget to squeeze out social media platforms to the last drop. They are the ultimate playground: Get active on platforms where your target audience hangs out. Share user-generated content, run contests, host live Q&As with influencers. Lastly, remember that personalization is the secret sauce: Remember those abandoned carts? Send automated emails with gentle reminders and sweeten the deal with a personalized discount. Show your leads you care.

Top 10 Powerful Strategies to Add to Your Pre-Sales Routine for Lead Generation

The e-commerce industry means fierce competition and the leads here are the beats and blood! There’s a constant struggle to turn the curious browsers into loyal customers, and with so many competitors trying to do just that, what can you possibly do differently to hit the bull’s eye? How do you turn those casual visitors into high-quality leads, primed for conversion? We think you can make a big difference to e-commerce lead generation by revisiting your pre-sales process. Before the sales pitch and deal closing, there’s a vantage point teeming with opportunity for lead generation. So, leave behind the one-size-fits-all approach and take a fresh look at your pre-sales process with these 10 powerful strategies:

  1. Identify Your Potential Buyers (Realistically): Don’t opt for the generic 'target audience.' You know your brand best, so you will also know the minds that it will create an impact in. 91% of marketers say lead generation is the most important goal for their business. Do some research, dig deeper, and find out who your ideal customer is. Start by understanding their online behavior, pain points, needs, wishes etc. What kind of content do you think would make them tick? By outlining your buyer persona, you will be able to personalize your pre-sales interactions exponentially. What would this mean? Higher engagements and leads, instantly!
  2. Go the Smart Way for Cold Calling: Cold calls can still be very effective, but only if they are done right. Ditch the script and try to build curiosity in your buyers' minds. Get into it with a lot of research so that you know what they want and what you’re selling, and how you can marry the two perfectly!
  3. Spend Time on Your Product Pages: Building interactive product pages is a great idea. Moving away from static product descriptions and integrating product quizzes, size/fit recommendations, and interactive comparisons can be the way to go. This will help you bring in more visitors, shape a unique experience that they remember and come back for, and get valuable data like preferences and buying styles in your funnel, making lead qualification a cakewalk!
  4. Always Put Out Social Proof: No matter how out of style and repetitive they may seem, customer reviews, testimonials, and influencer endorsements help you establish the much-needed trust factor. You can also show user-generated content on product pages, in social media campaigns, and even pre-sales outreach emails. How and why does it always work? Seeing real people using and enjoying your products is often all it takes to convert potential leads into loyal customers.
  5. Do Not Skip Constant Retargeting from your Pre-Sales Process: Even though you’re a business, in some aspects of your life you’re a buyer too. Don the hat of the buyer to know that not all visitors are always ready to buy, but that doesn't mean they're lost. Gentle nudges through retargeting campaigns across social media and display networks can remind them of the products they viewed, guiding them back into your sales funnel.
  6. Have Live Chat for Your Customers: This one isn’t a must have if you’re just starting out or find it tedious, but having it makes everything so much better. 33% of marketers use live chat as a conversion tool! Don't leave your curious buyers waiting on their phone. Offer real-time assistance by having a live chat feature. Answer questions, offer recommendations, and make all the subtle efforts to convert them.
  7. Never Give Up on Targeted Paid Ads: If you think just pushing out some ads will do the trick, it won’t. You will have to identify your target audience and keep sliding the best of your brand their way. You can bring platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads to your rescue. These will help you reach your potential buyers based on interest, demographic, and online behavior. Using this outlined and well-researched approach will make sure your pre-sales efforts don’t go in vain and your ROI brings nothing but a smile.
  8. Host Giveaways and Interactive Sessions: We cannot stress this enough: Interact with your potential buyers every chance you get! Make things a little fun and spruce up some room for engaging contests, little giveaways, and stimulating quizzes. These could very well be related to your products or to your niche in general. Extend the scope of growth by pampering the winners with discounts or early bird access to the new launches that might be in queue. This will not only help you get the buzz going, but it will also help you build a database of interested customers.
  9. The Right Partnerships Bring Mutual Growth: Don’t shy away from collaborating with other brands or influencers that fall within your niche. You can indulge in several rewarding activities together like co-hosting webinars, creating joint promotions, or simply cross-promoting products. This is a great way to double your reach, gaining access to a new audience, and diversifying your current lead generation channels.

    Talking about beneficial partnerships, if you think there’s too much on your plate and effective management seems miles away for your brand, partnering with a well-known ecommerce outsourcing provider can also work wonders! These tactics to boost e-commerce business always come in handy.

  10. Make Room for Automation but Don’t Lose Human Touch: Automating mundane tasks that are repetitive like sending email follow-ups or collecting lead data is a good idea. This not only frees up your time for customizing your outreach, but also provides high-touch support to your business. However, all businesses, whether big or small, must remember that automation is simply a tool to make things easier. You cannot use it as a replacement for human efforts and interaction on all fronts. You are the unique voice behind your brand, and that must live and shine!
  11. Making these pre-sales strategies a part of your operational routine will help you transform not only your e-commerce website and brand presence, but also your growth chart. You’ll instantly go from being a passive store to a thriving business that knows the in-and-out of lead generation. You must keep in mind that the first step before you revamp any ongoing operations is understanding your audience, building a culture of offering value, and creating trust in the minds of your buyers throughout the pre-sales journey and even later. Ready to give it a head start, experiment, and see your lead count and conversion rates grow higher and higher?

FBSPL Bonus Tip: We recommend that you follow a simple three step process of Tracking, Analyzing, and Revamping. (Never forget that the pre-sales process is always an ongoing experiment, and you’ll have to keep reeling in newer ideas.) Start by tracking your campaign performance and get hold of the results. Use these metrics for analyzing your conversion rates, and revamp and fine-tune your strategies based on what you think works for your brand and what doesn't. Continuous optimization is the key, and it will help you keep your pre-sales lead generation efforts in check so that you always stay ahead of the curve.

Before We Say it’s a Wrap

Time to toss aside the dusty pre-sales playbook and tap into the ecommerce lead generation powerhouse. Remember, it's about understanding your audience, offering value at every touchpoint, and nurturing trust until your leads burst into loyal customers. It really is that simple. Finding it difficult to navigate this journey alone?

Reach out to FBSPL, your ideal e-commerce outsourcing partner for pre-sales success and so much more. From crafting buyer personas to automating data-driven campaigns, our expertise fuels your lead generation engine. We'll help you personalize content, refine targeting, and nurture leads like seeds into blooming customers. So, don't just sell online, invite exponential growth with FBSPL! You can also write us at info@fusionfirst.com.

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