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10 Tips to Handle Competition in Business

Tips to Handle Competition in Business, Benefits of Accounts Receivable Outsourcing

Healthy competition is good for your business growth, mainly while winning customers. As a business owner, you always want to be on top of the success pyramid, and at the same time, you consistently want to keep an eye on your competition. By scrutinizing your competitor’s activities and behaviour, you can predict their next strategies. Knowing your competitor’s next move, you can work on your strategies to grow your business.

Know Your Customers

A study says 80% of companies don’t have sufficient customer data to make effective marketing campaigns. Apart from customers’ buying patterns, you also need to know more crucial information to continue polishing your marketing ideas.

As a business owner, you have to know your customer’s interests to build a strong relationship with them. Once you start knowing your customers, their needs, and overall on and offs that affect your customers, you can be capable of attracting them more efficiently.

With customer critical data insights, you will know their purchase timings, patterns, and related searches. That’s how your company will understand better what eventually triggers your customers to buy something.

Understand the Competition

Start observing the marketplace to understand your competition. Notice the things your competitors are doing. A deep understanding of the market and your competition is crucial for your business to grow in the right direction.

Are your competitors constantly having conversations with customers, and due to which conversions are happening?

How are your competitors presenting themselves in front of customers?

How long have they been in this niche?

Are they succeeding? If not, why not?

Now use these analytics to beat your competition.

Highlight Your Difference

After the complete market research and understanding of your competition, you need to understand why and how you are different from your competitors?

What is your unique vision? How can you use this differentiation to beat your competition? Do you have a unique story to tell your customers? Are your prices lower, or are you providing better quality products/services?

You can use all these differences to win the competition. An adequate differentiation is generally product, sales, or go-to-market advantages.

10 Steps to Beat Your Competition

You can use these top 10 strategies to understand how to win your competition in business.

  1. Find and Solve Your Customer’s Pain Points : Understanding and resolving the problems of your targeted customers are facings is one of the best ways to beat your competitors. You can also ask open-ended questions to your customers, including – what are your complaints, which tasks occupy most of your time and more.

  2. Do what your competitors are doing : You might have different strategies and planning. However, keep an eye on what your competition is doing. If they are getting positive results from their methods, and other marketplace competitors are following the same ways as theirs, then why can’t you? Check what they are doing to make their customers happy, and you can do that too.

  3. Ask your customers for their suggestions to become better than your competitors : One of the most amazing ways to beat your competition is to ask your customers what they think. Just ask what they want. What do they think about your product/services? How c n you enhance your business?

  4. Compare your competitor’s offers to yours : An attractive offer is something that nobody wants to refuse. And, such an offer can differentiate your business from your competitors. So, have an in-depth analysis of your competitor’s offers, including their advantages and disadvantages, how they can affect your offers.

  5. Provide better offer than your competitors : After gathering information about your competitor’s offers, don’t you want to try to give a better offer from them? You can collectively use all their advantages and disadvantages to make a great offer.

  6. Win your Competitor’s Customers : Be it the usual marketplace or a social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Make our ways to be present where most of your competitor’s customers are available.

  7. Personalize Your Messages with Your Customers : Your business optimization requires the personalization of your marketing messages for your customers. You must send personalized messages to all your customers with different segments. For example, you can use different messaging techniques for your new and existing customers.

  8. Set competitive pricing : Offering more affordable pricing is one of the simplest ways to beat your competition. Determine an ideal cost and compare this price with your competitor’s products/services and offerings. Now analyze, if your offering brings more value to your business, you need to set the price higher.

  9. Try to be the first : Be it changes in business techniques, improvements, innovation, or ideas, try to be the first in almost everything than your competition. Improved elements in your business processing will help you beat your competition.

  10. Be creative, be unique : While discovering new ideas or modifying the existing ones, you need to be very creative and unique at the same time. Find your way of presenting things yourself because you can not copy creativity.

Benefits of Accounts Receivable Outsourcing

Accounts receivable outsourcing offers several significant advantages, including:

Pros and cons of Accounts Receivable Outsourcing

Here's a table outlining the pros and cons of accounts receivable outsourcing:


There are countless ways to beat the competition in business, but which ones are right for your business? Follow these 10 strategies to handle your competition, and you will get better ideas of your customer’s needs. Connect with FBSPL for outsourcing services for the non-stop growth of your business.

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