Insurance Case Studies

How Did FBSPL Outsourcing Team Transformed Client Service with a 50% Faster Processing?


  • The client wanted to enhance operational efficiency and client satisfaction amidst challenges like adapting to a fast-evolving industry and tackling new AI-equipped competitors.
  • FBSPL addressed these challenges by implementing automated workflows for critical processes, automating the monthly update of premium sheets, and refining processes for managing commercial line activities.
  • The collaboration significantly boosted productivity, with improvements ranging from 50% to 90% across various operational sectors.
  • The proactive and responsive service provided by FBSPL, especially during critical times, was highly appreciated by clients.

Case Summary

An insurance brokerage availed FBSPL’s services. Implementing automated workflows and refining processes across the board, FBSPL helped clients significantly increase productivity and client satisfaction. Besides addressing the operational challenges, FBSPL laid the groundwork for future growth and innovation, showcasing the power of strategic outsourcing.

The Client

Prominent insurance brokerage firm specializing in Home, Auto, Flood, Commercial, and Personal Umbrella Insurance.

The Challenge

Adapting to a rapidly evolving industry with shifting customer expectations.

The Outcome

  • FBSPL provided virtual staff to help the client handle lot of work that saved more time for other employees.
  • Outsourcing impacted the client in a way to put more energy to develop new business and get more business opportunities.
  • The communication was certainly great through virtual meeting, phone call or email.
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