RPO Case Studies 1

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution to Increased Revenue - FBSPL


  • A recruitment agency needed help with researching additional candidates for their clients.
  • The client got in touch with FBSPL during the height of the covid-19 pandemic; the FBSPL team offered them a free trial of our RPO services for two days. 
  • FBSPL helps them, on an ongoing basis, to find candidates, mainly on LinkedIn. We would find people which certainly reduced client’s time.
  • We placed over 30 candidates that have increased the client's revenue and but also helped people find amazing jobs and helped their clients to grow their businesses.

Case Summary

A recruitment agency hired Fusion Business Solutions (P) Limited for outsourcing recruitment process. The team supported the client in candidate research & management for outsourcing their end clients.

The Client

Director of a Recruitment agency specializing in placing Management Consultants across the globe.

The Challenge

Needed help with candidate recruitment process for their clients.

The Approach

Scope of Involvement of FBSPL as a RPO Service Provider

  • The client had an initial call where they explained the nature of their business to FBSPL. After the introduction, FBSPL started working on the research assignments, where they would help build a target list of candidates via internet resources such as LinkedIn.
  • They would import that data into the client’s CRM and contact them through their various LinkedIn Accounts.
  • We would have daily calls to review the workload and results from the previous day's activities and the client would provide further instructions and guidance on their following tasks.
  • This research assignment slowly evolved into research support for business development. The client provided FBSPL with information on companies to reach, and they conducted further research.
  • Additionally, FBSPL team also supported the client from an administrative perspective, where they will input all the data into the client’s CRM — giving the client a broader mixture of support.

How did the client come to know about FBSPL?

FBSPL team came highly recommended by a former colleague who has used them in the past. While speaking to another outsourcing partner, it eventually felt like that FBSPL n gave a different level of confidence than they did. FBSPL is a more established organization with more people, resources, and a more robust process and track record.

It was a combination of all those factors that led the client to engage with FBSPL.

The Outcome

What are the areas of involvement in recruitment and selection process?

The outputs of the activities are reviewed daily. FBSPL is productive, and the client received a good volume of training with high accuracy. Regarding the research activity in building targets, the quality of candidates identified were of high quality.

The daily calls help in terms of giving feedback and refining the search to ensure that future research is higher in quality and accuracy.

FBSPL Performance as a Business Process Management Company

FBSPL performed very well. Managed to complete the activity within the time scale as requested. There's a fair degree of complexity in the different types of activities.

While keeping a lot of different things on top which sometimes confused the client— but FBSPL dealt with the variety of complexity rather well. Furthermore, the communication was always good. An email was sent outlining the daily tasks that were going to be performed which was further concluded with an end of the day spreadsheet, summarizing the work. Occasionally there were calls with supervisors, where the feedback was shared.

Case Feedback

The stakeholders are impressed with how FBSPL as a business process management company, can produce high-quality work with consistent levels of accuracy and speed. The team can accomplish tasks despite their complexity and steep the learning curve, enabling the ongoing partnership.

Areas of Improvement

If FBSPL team could offer a voice-based activity, that would be useful with all the current work they're doing. However, the English is excellent, along with being heavily accented. As a result, it would be difficult for them to do phone-based activities in the UK market.

How to Reach Out to Potential Clients - Advice

It's all about clear communication. Give them clear instructions and as much information as you can. We also sense we check their work's initial output at the start of a new assignment. They will provide me with early results for sense checking to ensure they're on the right path.

Some people may perceive them negatively because they're an outsourcing company. Therefore, they might not give them the required level of respect and communication. The more you develop the relationship, the better quality and quantity of contact you will have with them.

Some people gave their outsourced employees English names, which is understandable because some people over here might struggle with pronunciation. However, the client made a point of finding out their real names because they wanted to show them the respect and courtesy the team deserved. As with any relationship, the more you communicate and invest in it, the more you understand each other and the better results you get.

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