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INNOVATION AT FBSPL: Keeping Clients and the Team Happy with Shekhar Dhabhai

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Welcome to the Business Transformation podcast! Today, KB features Shekhar Dhabhai, the Assistant General Manager of Operations at FBSPL. He gives a snapshot into who he is, from his personal life and love for binge-watching Netflix series and movies to his professional life managing daily operations at FBSPL.

He gives his insights on transformation and innovation and how progressing with technology is not mutually exclusive with maintaining stability for clients. Shekhar defines what a happy client is and the metrics you can use to measure this.

Internally, Shehkar also discusses their training and development programs and how they measure their impact using feedback and employee retention improvements.


Shekhar: The top 3 insurance trends in the US

'First, it's digitalization and automation, which is now evolving. So with the qualification of digital technologies and the rise in automation, insurers are now leveraging tools and platforms to streamline their operations. They improve efficiency and enhance their customer experience.'

'So, for example, if I talk about digital technologies, they are being used to automate underwriting, claims processing, and customer service. Also, while enabling insurance to offer new products and services. The second trend, which is evolving, is data and analytics, and the third, is customer-centricity.'

Shekhar: A happy client recommends you to others

'So, happy clients are more likely to continue working with us, recommend our services to others, and provide positive feedback. And how we measure is, of course, the first one is the net promoter score, which is a widely used metric that the clients are recommending our products and services to others.'

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